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Maximising Millennial Engagement Through the Power of Transformative Management

Company Culture

3 months ago   •   2 min read

by Kati Kamilova

General Manager at Polder

Much has been written about the fact that millennials have different requirements when it comes to management. It’s worthwhile to add that these aren’t unrealistic expectations per se, rather, millennials simply expect their managers to be a different breed of conscientious employer. So what does that mean?

This means regular progress check-ins, rather than annual reviews; frequent communication, both work-related and otherwise; and, finally, listening and paying attention to feedback coming from your millennial employees.

Let’s break this down further.

Regular Check-Ins

It is a fact that annual reviews are no longer in vogue. After all, millennials score 44%* on the employee engagement scale if they are able to have regular, frequent check-ins with their managers, versus only 20% when they go without. Moreover, millennials also show higher productivity rates if they have regularly scheduled meetings with their supervisors. As a manager of millennials, coaching and development need to become part of your repertoire if you hope to retain talent.

Frequent Communication

Millennials need a purpose to come into work, whether it’s a big overarching company-wide goal or a small personal one like a manager they want to impress. Working in a fun environment where you are treated like more than just a number is the key to making your millennials feel nurtured and inspired. Don’t be afraid to share (appropriate) aspects of your personal life with your team – it’ll only bring you closer together as your teams learns to trust and appreciate you for you really are.


Just as it is important to give feedback, when it comes to millennials, it’s important to listen and adapt to the feedback millennials provide you with. Thus, instead of wondering how best to accommodate your millennials, listen to their input and make sure to adopt some of their ideas to show that you understand and care. Moreover, your employees’ input might actually help you in your mission to be a fantastic millennial manager.

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